Dream in April - 2019

Happy Spring everyone!

Here is what is happening in April:

Monday April 1- Saturday April 6 Buddy Week!

 Bring a friend to try out classes all week for free. Having a buddy to train with makes class more fun and keeps our martial arts more top of mind. We also appreciate your support helping the dojo to grow and thrive!

Monday April 22-Friday April 26

Spring Break Camp!

Nature and martial arts in a play and adventure based learning environment.

Ages 6-10, 9AM-3PM. After Care is available.  Full week $450, Per day $90

 Moral of the Month: Humility

Humility is defined as having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.

Real humility comes from a place of strength, confidence and belief in oneself. By supporting, praising and building our children up we lay the groundwork for humility. By creating a positive and encouraging environment when they are little we can shield them against insecurity that craves constant affirmation. Someone who knows they are loved and accepted doesn’t need to boast or put other people down.

We can help to engender humility by providing our children some perspective about where their lives exist in the vastness of time and space. If you know your family tree, show them the lineage that they come from. Show them how their life is one more lifetime in a line that stretches back generations. They were not the first who struggled and persevered; many came before them and hopefully many will proceed them.

Attempt to give them experiences of things that are greater than themselves. A sunset, a sky full of stars… even talking to them about how big the known universe is will provide them an understanding of how minuscule our lives are as compared to the whole manifestation of existence.

Here is a great video that compares the size of earth with other celestial bodies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=octRYMsiLX0

And as always, the best way for them to learn is through modeling humility ourselves.

Osss, Emilio