Dream in March - 2019

Hello Dreamers!

There is a lot going on in March at Dream Martial Arts!

  1. Our next Mixed Martial Arts belt test is Thursday March 14 during regularly scheduled class times. Promotion ceremonies will take place on Saturday March 16. There is no charge for class belt tests. There are no tests for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

    Private pre-tests can be scheduled for Saturday March 9. There is a $40 fee per student for pre or make-up tests.

  2. Our first ever promotion ceremony for students who train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu will take place on Friday March 29 at 6PM.

  3. We are having a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Date Night on Saturday March 23 7- 9PM. Couples can come learn some moves and get a nice workout. Immediately following enjoy beer and wine and hors d'oeuvres! $85/couple. Spots are extremely limited so please reserve ASAP.

  4. Registrations for Spring Break (4/22-4/26) and Summer Camps are now OPEN go to our website for links and information. www.dreammartialarts.com/montclair-kids-summer-camp

  5. Next Buddy Week is April 1-5. Friends train for free all week! If your child brings in a friend to try a class they will receive a large Dream sticker. If their friend signs up for a membership your child gets a free t-shirt! Besides the incentives, training with a buddy is fun!

The Moral of the Month is Integrity.

Integrity is being true to yourself and living up to the values and virtues that you honor. 

We will use stories to demonstrate the meaning of integrity and show that sometimes acting with integrity requires courage and fortitude. 

Here are a couple of examples of stories we will tell during class: 

Tennis player Andy Roddick was one point away from winning a match in an important tournament. The line judge made a bad call that would have ended that match in Roddick’s favor. Roddick couldn’t let it stand and showed the judge that the ball had landed in play. Roddick actually went on to lose the match but for him it was better to lose than to win without integrity. 

A wise old emperor decided it was time to pick his successor. He gave all his top ministers a seed to plant and told them to come back in a year. Based on what they grew, he would choose the next emperor. The next year when they came back most of the ministers had lovely, lush plants except for one minister who just had dirt in his pot. The emperor announced that this minister would be named emperor. The emperor revealed that all the seeds he gave out had been boiled the one minister with an empty pot was the only one who didn’t swap the seed with another one that was fertile. 

Following rules and doing what we are told is not the same as living a life of integrity. Our goal is for students to do the right thing not because of any external directives but because they have cultivated within themselves a moral compass to guide them. Acting in line with personal values will boost students’ self-respect.