Dream in August - 2018


The school will be closed August 27-September 3. Our normal class schedule will resume on Tuesday, September 4.

Theme of the month: Perseverance

Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. 

At Dream we talk about how perseverance is needed not only to get through tough times but also to achieve our goals and accomplish great things. At some point in our Martial Arts journeys we will need perseverance to push us through moments when we want to give up or quit.  

Here are some ways for you to reinforce lessons about perseverance at home:

- Encourage them. Don’t reward or congratulate your child only for achievement. Recognize effort and perseverance as well.

- Talk to your children about times when you needed perseverance to accomplish a difficult task. We don’t often tell our children about our failures, so children sometimes think that success comes with ease.

Be clear. Tell them that Martial Arts and obtaining the rank of black belt is not easy. Struggle and challenges are inevitable. Knowing that they are meant to struggle makes it much easier to deal with.

- Be there for them when they do struggle or fail. Provide support, help them evaluate why things weren't successful, and guide them in determining how to try again.