Dream in July - 2018

Greetings Dream Team,

Summer is here and the time is right to keep training and learning.

We are closed Wednesday July 4 for Independence Day.


July we begin the second half of the calendar year with new morals of the dojo. Each moral will provide us with a theme for the month.

1. Respect 2. Perseverance 3. Wisdom 4. Discipline 5. Patience 6. Gratitude

We decided to keep respect as the first moral because it is a fundamental part of martial arts training. We often tell our students that a dojo cannot function without mutual respect between all parties.

We cannot train martial arts by ourselves; we need our training partners. We must strive to be somebody who our training partners look forward to seeing in class and the way we do that is by treating one another with kindness and respect.

Respectful behavior is severely lacking in our culture right now. Even those who hold the highest positions in government, entertainment and sports are not modeling respectful behavior for young people. To be dismissive and disrespectful is moving towards becoming normal. To stem that tide we focus on respect at Dream and hope to instill respectful behavior in our students. If your child does something that demonstrates respect please let us know so we can recognize him/her in class.

There are different facets of respect that we will discuss with the students. Respect for others, self-respect and respect for property/places.


There is still time to join us for Summer Camp.

Camp runs from 9am-3PM. Before and after care is available. Here is schedule:

Ages 9yrs-11yrs

July 16-20

July 23-27

Ages 6yrs-8yrs

July 30-August 3

August 6-10