Dream In November - 2018

Dream Mini Camp!

There are still spots available for our Martial Arts and Nature-based Mini Camp on Thursday Nov. 8 and Nov. 9. Schools are closed during the teacher’s convention so come join us! Camp hours are 9AM-3PM for ages 6-10. After Care is available Click here to register.

Closings And Announcements:

We are closed Wed. 11/21 – Fri. 11/23

Saturday 11/24 we are having our Family Fun and Gratitude Event during regularly scheduled classes. Grown ups will be invited on to the mats to train and play. You will receive an email with more information and to RSVP. It’s a wonderful bonding moment you and your kids will love. Hope to see you there.

Next MMA Belt Test Thursday Dec. 13

Promotion Ceremony and Holiday Brunch Saturday December 15

Moral of the Month: Patience

In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to cultivate and embody patience. Patience is vital to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

Establishing patience in our children returns huge dividends not only in their life and future but also in making our lives as parents easier!  No one is born patient; it is a skill that must be developed.

We will talk to students about short-term and long-term patience. We will ask them to make a point to sit patiently while they are waiting for their meal or their turn with toys. We will talk to them about the patience required to achieve a long-term goal such as earning a black belt.

If your child demonstrates patience, please let us know so we can recognize him/her in class.

Put it into practice:

1. Model Patience

The best way to develop patience in our kids is to model it for them. I wish there was an easier way! Can we breath and wait patiently while they take forever to get their shoes on or unbuckle themselves from their seat? Can we slow down on the road or remain mindful when we must wait in line? Show them what patience looks like!

2. Start small

Challenge your children to wait patiently for food, drink or whatever it is they are requesting.  If you are in the middle of a conversation ask them to wait rather than allowing them to interrupt. Remind them that this is what we are working on at Dream and that if they can be patient they can talk about it in class and maybe get a sticker!

3. Acknowledge Patience

Look for opportunities to point out when they are practicing patience. Also, when you are being impatient point it out to show them that it is something that you are working on as well. Patience requires effort and dedication.

Good article about the importance of patience: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250211