Dream in October - 2018

DREAM is closed Monday October 8. All classes are cancelled.


Theme of the Month: Discipline


Discipline is a fundamental building block of a martial arts practice. We define discipline as doing something beneficial that moves us towards our goals even if we don’t feel like it. Alternatively, discipline is also choosing NOT to do something that doesn’t benefits us or impedes progress towards goals.

Everything from the way we address instructors and fellow students to the way we drill techniques involves a sense of discipline. Repetitive positive action builds positive habits that benefit every aspect of our students’ lives both on the mats and in everyday life.

Here are ways you can cultivate a sense of discipline:

Reward/recognize self-discipline. Did your child exercise self-restraint? Recognize it no matter how small it may seem, simply with a kind word of encouragement and a hug.

Rewards can come in the form of an allowance, but non-monetary rewards can prove even more effective. Anything from 30 more minutes of playtime to an extra book at bedtime can reinforce positive behavior.

Build in some downtime. Exercising self-control takes energy! Make sure your child has an opportunity for free time to play before moving onto the next objective.

Structure a clear routine. Establish concrete expectations and a schedule for your child around any number of activities or phases of the day from getting ready for school to completing homework. Following routines build habits!