Our Kids Program

The three main objectives that make up the Dream Martial Arts System: Self-Defense, Character Development and Fitness and Wellness.



Our self-defense methods are a combination of various martial arts from around the world designed to keep your child safe in any situation. It has elements from:

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, a grappling art where students utilize techniques that enable a smaller person to defeat a larger, stronger opponent.Char

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing, from Thailand known for its devastating kicks, elbows, knees, and clinch fighting.

  • Karate, a Japanese art that develops striking techniques such as punches, kicks, hand strikes, blocks, and movement

  • Judo, known for its highly effective throws, holds, and break falls (methods to fall safely)

  • Hapkido, a Korean art focusing on joint manipulation to break holds (such as head locks, bear hugs, choke holds) and control an opponent

  • Western boxing which develops punching, movement, foot work, evading techniques, rhythm, timing, and balance

  • Collegiate style Wrestling which develops the best take downs, ground control, and escapes.

Additionally, there are some techniques from some of the Chinese Fighting Arts (e.g. Kung Fu), Indian Martial Arts (where some claim the martial arts originated), and influences from throughout various regions of the world.


CHARACTER Development

The martial arts are founded upon discipline and respect. The environment we foster in our school is one of mutual respect between students and teachers. The teachers lead by example. Each student is treated with respect and we uphold a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and belittling behavior of any kind including condescension, sarcasm, or offensive language and behavior.

Our aim is to motivate and instruct through positivity; you will see a lot of high-fiving, praise, and encouragement. Discipline at Dream is not demonstrated in a strict, punitive way, but rather we encourage and model self-discipline i.e. doing the right thing when no one is there to tell you what to do or give you credit. The martial arts practice is a discipline unto itself, arriving to class on time, going to class when you don’t feel like it, sticking with it during times of difficulty all demonstrate discipline and the child’s capacity to achieve.

Our program develops an “I can” attitude through goal setting and achievement. Our belt ranking system is a systematic and methodical process of achieving progress. Children are awarded with belt promotions as they progress from level to level, which invariably builds up their self-esteem and confidence. No belt is ever just given away or done for convenience or any other reason besides being truly earned.


Fitness and WellnesS

As schools cut back on their physical fitness activities, and children spend more and more time in front of a screen (the average 12 year old today is getting about 32 hours of screen time per week), there is an ever increasing need to get children moving after the school day ends. We will develop all of the physical attributes one needs for martial arts, sports, and overall health and fitness such as speed, strength, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and stamina.

We also teach students about healthy eating and living. We emphasize the importance of proper diet and nutrition, adequate amounts of water, sleep, and rest. Understanding that a complete avoidance of junk foods is unrealistic, we teach students about moderation and self-control.

Dream goes above and beyond teaching the amazing martial arts. Dream encourages relationships reminding us to be humans again. Relationships - that’s what makes us humans.
— Ana