Dream in August - 2019

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! We have several important announcements. Please see below and keep enjoying these long beautiful days!  Ossss….

1. PLEASE NOTE! DREAM IS GOING ON SUMMER BREAK The school will be closed August 26-September 2.

2. The Fall Schedule will begin on Tuesday, September 3. (Please see below)

3. The Next MMA belt test is Thursday August 8 during regularly scheduled class times. MMA belt promotion ceremonies will take place Thursday August 15 during regularly scheduled class times. There is no charge for class belt tests. If your child cannot attend the class belt test on August 8 please schedule a make-up test for Saturday August 10. Please note there is a $40/test fee for make-up tests. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. There will be a BJJ Belt Promotion Ceremony on Thursday August 15. There is no test for BJJ. BJJ promotion ceremony schedule is as follows:  

BJJ Ages 6-10 6PM-7PM 

BJJ Ages 11-14 5PM-6PM


Moral of the month: Kindness

The importance of kindness at first glance seems self-evident. What higher purpose can any of us achieve than giving kindness to those in need of it?

I still remember the boy who lived behind me when we moved to a new town, Andrew. Soon after we moved in, he hopped the fence and introduced himself. Before my first day at the new school I was very nervous and scared and I sobbed in the backseat of my parents’ car for a while. When I walked towards the front door where the kids were congregating, Andrew stepped out of the crowd and introduced me to everybody and told them that he was my friend and protector. That kindness is rooted in my heart. I can still recall the feeling of relief and safety that Andrew gave me that day.

One act of kindness can completely alter the trajectory of a person’s life.

It is not only the receiver of kindness who benefits from it. Studies show that being kind to others is good for you. It lowers stress and helps you sleep better at night. Also, those who observe kindness can be uplifted. Like a rock sending out ripples on the surface of still water, the good feelings that kindness produce can spread far and wide.

Any change we want to make in this world begins with kindness.

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